Makeup Artist



Ashley currently works predominantly in Bridal, with her Luxury beauty company DAME ( and is actively seeking new opportunities to work in fashion editorial and to exercise her role as a permitee in IATSE Local 873 Film & Television union in Toronto.


Ashley has been a working, professional makeup artist since 2007.
Prior to having her formal makeup education which lead her to her career, Ashley was heavily involved in arts growing up which fatefully landed her in front of makeup. Using the art fundamentals she grew up with, she applied them and creatively manipulated them to produce interesting techniques, textures and applications. Ashley first attended Sheridan College for a part time Makeup Techniques course and a few years later, she found herself enrolled in the School of Makeup Art (SOMA) in Toronto. Here, her dedicated passion for her craft took root and Ashley then sought after every possible opportunity to work within the makeup industry that she could.

"My entire life will always revolve around makeup. I have never been so inspired by the ability to create, and recreate, on a living canvas. The moment I knew I was destined for this career, I dove in and I swam strong and I never looked back. I want to be involved in this exciting, eccentric and fantastic industry forever...

If you keep your options open and brave every new opportunity, you'll experience something amazing every day."